SOFTEKO is fast growing Content Marketing and Software Development in Bangladesh. We are now a team of a total of 100 people. Here we have listed some of our team members.

Khan Muhammad Kawser Ahmed

Founder & CEO, SOFTEKO

Kawser Ahmed is the Founder and CEO of SOFTEKO (a software and content marketing company) and Editor-in-Chief of ExcelDemy. Since 2013, he has written over 334 articles on a lot of Excel Problems. He has made the initial traction of Exceldemy. Excel & Data Analysis, Digital Marketing, Stock Market Trading, and Technical Analysis are his areas of expertise. As an Expert Technical Analyst, he conducts the Advanced Technical Analysis Course on the main stock exchange of Bangladesh. He is an enlisted external resource person at Dhaka Stock Exchange Limited. He is working as an Investment Analyst and Course Coordinator at AmarStock Limited. With 10 Excel courses and 150k students enrolling in his courses, Kawser is an Excel Instructor at Udemy.

He is a family person, the father of two angels (Marissa and Arissa). He lives in Dhaka with his wife Dipa Ahmed and his two daughters.

Nehad Ulfat

Project Manager, ExcelDemy


This is Nehad. Here I’ll be posting articles & topics related to Microsoft Excel & other useful software as I got massive enthusiasm to analyze tons of data. I’ve completed my BSc in Naval Architecture & Marine Engineering from Bangladesh University of Engineering & Technology (BUET).

I have a passion for data analysis, bringing out new results throughout continuous simulations which have not been exposed before. This is what makes me passionate to sit for hours in front of the computer screens at a stretch looking up for some new ideas & thoughts which should be able to change the views on a specific subject. I firmly believe, to ponder over something out of the box, you must have to accumulate a proper & complete understanding of the specific topic along with the related sub-topics.


Mehrab Imtiaz

Senior Team Leader, OfficeWheel

Hi There!

Welcome to my Profile. I am an editor of a small team of passionate writers who are dedicated to bringing you the best Excel tutorials and content that you might be needing as an individual, a student, or even as a professional. I myself am a graduate of Computer Science and Engineering with an uncanny attraction towards anything SEO and Content Writing. I have been refining myself in this field since 2017 to bring my readers the content that they are looking for.




Shakil P.

Team Leader, ExcelDemy

Hello and Welcome!

My name’s Shakil. All in all a team man, now a Team Leader (!Haha), blessed with some energatic and talented developers. My team’s and my articles are targeted to support you in enriching knowledge regarding different features related to Microsoft Excel. Hope that will provide you the best Excel experience.

I have completed my BSc in Computer Science & Engineering from the Military Institute of Science & Technology-Bangladesh. Research based analytical work is an area of attraction for me. I am committed and hardworking in nature who believes honesty and punctuality are the primes for all kinds of success. I am fond of literature, hope some knowledge from them will help me (and my team) providing you some engaging articles even though some weary technical terms.

Masum Mahdy

Team Leader, ExcelDemy

Hi there!

I am Mahdy, have completed my graduation in Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering from BUET, currently working as the Leader and Editor of a 5 Excel & VBA Content Developers’ team in ExcelDemy. Besides working as a Team Leader, I also write articles on MS Excel and other topics of my interest here on ExcelDemy’s blog.

I welcome you to our website. We as a team are devoted to providing you with concise and precise writing almost on all Excel Features & Functions, and providing solutions to various Excel issues. We love to find and know the problem you’re facing, think over it, and provide you with all the possible ways to resolve it.
















Kazi Rafaza Afroz

SEO Team Leader, ExcelDemy

I am Team Leader and SEO strategist. I edit and prepare the articles written by our extremely passionate technical content writers, and then approve the final versions of article publishing on the website, using company guidelines. I often possess a combination of work in SEO of the articles and managing the website updates as per the company requirements.

I myself am a graduate of Computer Science and Engineering from East-West University, Bangladesh. I enjoy playing technical role and learning every day for self-development.



Sarjana Iqbal

Executive HR and Admin 

Hello I am Sarjana Iqbal. I have completed my BBA from North South University, major in Marketing. I had previously worked in an English Medium School as a substitute teacher for 4 months.

Now I am working in SOFTEKO as HR and Social Media Manager. I publish pins for Pinterest and handle the ExcelDemy official Facebook page, share articles on other social media like Linkedin and Twitter.




Our Expert Writers

We’ve got a great team of writers with an immense amount of experience in the technology industry. Here are just a few of them:

Rifat Hassan

Al Arafat Siddique

Tanjima Hossain

Mrinmoy Roy

Alok Paul

Maruf Islam

Md. Shourav Hossain Mithun

Wasim Akram

Our Expert SEO Strategists

We’ve got a some SEO specialist with updated skill-set and responsibilities. Here are just a few of them:

Nusrat Jahan

Fatema Rain

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